MK1 Madness


  1. Tenno will attempt this challenge on Ani in the Void.
  2. You may compete in one of two tiers: Spartan (no forma, no potato, no riven) or Elite (formas, potatoes, and rivens allowed).
  3. Abilities are banned. After much deliberation, this will include Spoiler Mode as the game counts its use as an ability.
  4. Only MK1 weapons are permitted.
  5. Companions are allowed, companion weapons are not.
  6. You will provide screenshots of your weapon builds as well as the mission complete screen. The mission screen must show the abilities used line.


Place Username Time
1st DetrimentDRGN 41m 32s


Place Username Time
1st Dragona7Power 1h 19m 30s
2nd BitterKill 47m 52s
3rd MystikaDan 38m 4s
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