Operation: Scarlet Spear

Welcome to Operation: Scarlet Spear, Tenno. The sentients are launching their first waves of attack and you may be struggling to figure out what’s going on in all of this chaos. That’s what we’re here for.

In this operation, there are two mission types:

  • Ground: Condrix Hunts
    • The Sentients are sending down Condrix as scouts for their main attack. (Coming later this year)
    • Mission Phases:
      1. Run to the objective.
      2. Shoot the Eye of the Condrix. (Health bar will be yellow.)
      3. Kill sentients that the Condrix spawns.
      4. Repeat step 2 and 3 twice more (total 3 times)
      5. Place down and defend oplinks. (the more placed, it will charge faster.)
      6. Rinse and repeat.
    • You can scan and kill up to 17 Condrix in one mission, gradually increasing enemy level as the fight continues. Extraction is available after the second condrix.
    • Recommended Loadouts/Gear:
      • High damage weapons such as Snipers, Bows, and Shotguns. (Lanka, Tigris Prime, Rubico Prime, etc.)
      • CC Frames such as Vauban, Nova, Volt, Etc.
      • DPS Frames such as Mesa, Equinox, Excalibur, Etc.
      • Essential Gear:
        1. Limbo! His 2nd and 4th ability allow you to completely render the enemies useless and immobile with a large range, which makes the defense stages of the mission very easy as levels increase.
        2. Mesa. Her peacemaker pistols outrival the dps of many if not most weapons in the game and is great for killing both smaller sentients and Condrix.
  • Space: Murex Raids
    • This is where we take the fight back to the sentients via our railjacks.
    • Mission Phases:
      1. Fly the railjack to escort the satellite to the Murex (sentient ship)
      2. Fly the railjack through the opening towards the front middle of the Murex, and leave it right at the entrance.
      3. Enter the Murex and run to the objective and place down your oplinks. (just like ground missions)
      4. Defend the Oplinks while waiting for kill codes to be sent by ground squads. Have one person go defend the railjack during this phase.
      5. After 9 kill codes are recieved, you will be automatically teleported to the railjack.
      6. Once back to the railjack, grab the satellite and repeat the process for the other Murex.
    • You can drive away 5 Murex per mission run, and can extract after 3 completions. This also increases enemy level as the mission progresses.
    • Recommended Loadouts/Gear:
      • While killing isn’t necessary, damage always helps get enemies away from the oplinks. (Snipers, Mesa, etc.)
      • CC Frames such as Vauban, Nova, Volt, Etc.
      • You’ll want the host to have a railjack suitable for void missions, while you may not need to kill enemy fighter ships, it’s always helpful, and being able to get around is always a plus.
      • Essential gear:
        1. Amesha! You can use her 1st and 4th ability to protect the satellite while escorting it to the Murex.
        2. Limbo! His 2nd and 4th ability allow you to completely render the enemies useless and immobile with a large range, which makes the defense stages of the mission very easy as levels increase.

Now that we know how to run the missions, how do we get there, and how does this event work?

On earth, you’ll find a mission called the Scarlet Spear. Going there will bring you to an all new relay also referred to as the flotilla. Going here, you’ll want to go speak to little duck, sitting on a set of boxes to the right of the giant hologram in the middle. Here you’ll find her shop of wares including the Ceti Lacera blade and whip, and the Basmu, along with other rewards that you can use scarlet credits to purchase.

On the right side of the room, you’ll see a hologram of the earth, this is where you start a ground mission. On the left, you’ll see a hologram of the sentient ship, (the smaller hologram) and this will start a Murex raid. Note that while the ground mission will require your squad to ready up, the Murex raid will throw everyone right into the host’s railjack upon clicking, and won’t allow you to edit your loadout. Near the console to start murex raids, you’ll find another pair of consoles to edit your warframe loadouts and railjack loadouts.

Now, how do the mission and event rewards work?

Each flotilla will keep count of how many Murex that relay has pushed away, up to 100. Contributing to the progress of a flotilla will reward you with extra credits based on your rewards of the missions you ran for that flotilla during the wave. Ground Assaults will give between 15 points at the first condrix, up to a final total of 2295 points after the 17th condrix. The points recieved grows at a linear pace throughout the mission. Murex raids follow similar rules, rewarding between 105 for the first Murex driven away up to 1875 for the 5th completion.

After all 100 Murex ships have been defeated, all players in that same flotilla will recieve a Victory Payout via an inbox message from Little Duck. This score is calculated from your highest total score of ground or space missions multiplied by 2. (with a cap of 10,000 per flotilla) Some players can get multiple Victory Payouts for helping more than one flotilla during the same 3 hour wave. You will also recieve emblems based on how many points you scored during that 3 hour wave, earning different ranked emblems for each mission type, and based on how many points were earned during that wave. There is a third emblem for overall points during the whole event, giving you rank 3 at 50,000 total points during the entire month-long event.

Hopefully this guide helps you understand the chaos as this war begins, as there is a lot of information. Thanks for the read, and stay classy!