When building Oberon for Eidolons, you want to focus on his Hallowed Ground and Renewal. Hallowed Ground benefits from Efficiency and Duration. Renewal benefits from Strength and Range. Renewal also has an augment called Phoenix Renewal that is of great importance. It is also worth adding Health and Armor mods to improve quality of life.

  • AURA (V) : Steel Charge, Dead Eye
  • AUGMENT: Phoenix Renewal
    • If a player affected by Renewal takes fatal damage, they are instead healed for a percentage of their health and granted a small invulnerability period of 5 seconds. There is a cool-down time of 90 seconds on this effect but it makes those sudden damage spikes a bit more endurable.
  • ARMOR: Steel Fiber, Gladiator Aegis
  • EFFICIENCY: Streamline, Flow*, Hunter Adrenaline*
    • NOTE: Flow is not an efficiency mod, but increases your energy pool. Hunter Adrenaline helps keep your energy levels up while channeling by taking damage.
  • DURATION: Continuity, Augur Message
  • STRENGTH: Augur Secrets, Intensify
  • RANGE: Augur Reach, Stretch
  • HEALTH: Vitality, Gladiator Resolve
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