Eidolon Boot Camp

All Tenno start their journey somewhere. Here at Grind Frame, we have been working to develop this resource guide and program.. We have everything covered from helping you farm materials and getting your first frame/weapon ready to hunt to helping you become highly skilled and efficient hunters.

After reviewing all of the weapons and frames that are available and viable for hunting, we have sorted them into two categories: basic and advanced. Our current focus is on the basic frames and weapons. These selections are easily obtainable for the newer player based upon their lower mastery requirements and ease of acquiring components. We will be expanding our advanced sections in the near future.

Frames – Basic

Weapons – Basic

There are a few weapons that can be used effectively for Eidolon hunts and for the majority of them, the build remains the same. Click here to check out our Eidolon Primary Build Guide. Weapons you should consider for hunts are:

Frames – Advanced

Weapons – Advanced

The same building principles that were mentioned in the the Basic category apply to the weapons in the advanced category. Please visit the Eidolon Primary Build Guide for further information. The advanced weapons are harder to obtain because of their Mastery Rank and they are also considered to be the more “meta” weapons for taking down these creatures.

*NOTE: The Opticor Vandal was just introduced in Update 24.4 We have yet to obtain and evaluate the weapon but will update this article to include this variant once we have had the opportunity.


Tenno should really have an archwing in order to quickly traverse the plains, whether they are stalking down an Eidolon or quickly gathering lures. Itzal is the most highly recommended for it’s Blink ability as well as it’s base flight speed of 1.2.

Beyond Itzal, Amesha and Odonata Prime are the next most recommended for their speeds of 1.1 and 1.05 respectively. It’s worth noting that any Archwing will work much better than just walking, and even K-Drives are a valid option if that’s what you have available.

When modding your Archwing, Hyperion Thrusters is the most crucial mod. At max rank, it increases flight speed by 27.5%. If using Itzal, you will also want to include System Reroute, for ability efficiency, and Energy Amplifier, for ability range.


The Mote Amp you first receive will get you through your first hunts but you should look into upgrading it as soon as possible. The Tier 1 amp is the first set of components you can get from leveling up with the Quills in Cetus and it will serve you well until you can further ranks with both Quill Onkko of the Quills in Cetus and Little Duck of Vox Solaris in Fortuna. Eventually, you will want to build an x23 or an x27 amp for the most damage potential.


Focus farming is perhaps one of the most tedious grinds in the whole game but doing it is highly rewarding and provides you with some incredible quality of life abilities for hunting. Depending on what role you are looking to fill for hunts will depend on what active school you should have. All Tenno looking to hunt should work towards unbinding all of their waybounds but it is not mandatory to do so.

Understanding Team Composition

There are several different team compositions that should be considered when hunting. It’s why it is so crucial to learn multiple roles and have multiple frames geared up to hunt.

  • Chroma/Trinity/Volt/Harrow
  • Octavia/Trinity/Rhino/Harrow

Tips & Tricks

Lure Map and How to Fast Charge Lures