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It’s been a long time Tenno.

We have not forgotten about the existence of this site, nor the intention of using it as a central hub for information. Today we dust it off and will be making progress on our guides and resource pages. We will be making event posts again and hopefully we will have community written contributions.

This is also a time to remind everyone that Tennocon is today and we are beyond hyped for all the new content that will be revealed to us. Hopefully our content drought will be coming to an end soon.

Reminder to everyone to link your Twitch and Warframe accounts and be sure to watch the panel streams for at least 30 minutes to earn your exclusive Lotus ephemera. This is will be available from 11 AM EST to 5:59 PM EST. From 6-7 PM EST tune in to Tenno Live to earn yourself a Nekros Prime, the king of resource farming.

Also as a special gift to our community, we will be running a giveaway this weekend for a few prime Warframes. Be sure to check out the events channel, grab the events role, and react to the bot!