Things I Wish I Knew As A New Warframe Player

Even the mightiest of Tenno had their humble beginnings. Special thanks to Dragona7Power for writing up this Top 10 list to help point new Tenno in the right direction.

  1. Learn how Polarities work early on. You won’t have many mods, but the knowledge is forever. Really.
  2. A Weapon is really strong after at least 1 forma, maximum 6. Never be afraid to forma a weapon you really like. All weapons can take down level 100+ enemies, if properly built (that includes formas). ALL. WEAPONS.
  3. is a great tool to use. You need to have MR2 to trade and this site lets you coordinate selling and buying. Start trading for plat early on by selling prime parts or mods. Buy things you need immediately and sell excess of everything!
  4. Syndicates. Put a sigil on, and start earning syndicate standing. At MR1 You only get 2k standing a day, but even 2k a day for the first 10 days are 20k! You will be grateful to have started early on. Find the syndicates in relays or the console on your ship.
    • DON’T start with Red Veil or Steel Meridian, even if they seem badass. Pick Arbiters/Suda or Loka/Perrin for your first syndicate or it will screw up your syndicate tree and it takes a lot of useless effort to fix it.
  5. The Wiki is your BEST FRIEND, treat it as such! Look for info on Frames and Weapons there. If in doubt, check the wiki. If there is no info there, ask your clanmates/friends.
  6. Warframe in public is… fast. Don’t think that you are inferior or that people don’t care about you. In a public squad, 90% of the time you’ll get matched with experienced people, and experienced people don’t linger on a mission more than necessary. No hard feelings, ok? 🙂 Public is for getting carried, mostly.
  7. Don’t Buy Frames. They are really overpriced. Ask in chat and somebody will taxi you wherever you need to be, unless it’s a quest frame, or it’s Harrow/Nidus. You can buy those two.
  8. Join a clan ASAP. Not only do you get great blueprints from clan research, but you get friends! Never underestimate the power of a friend that can explain things you never knew in the first place!
  9. Don’t buy platinum at full price. DE is great and they deserve the support, but if you want to, wait for 75% discount for plat (PC only). You may have to wait one day or 30, but really, don’t buy plat at full price or on a discount that isn’t 75%.
  10. Credits and rare (or not) resources will be an issue early on, it’s totally normal. There are specific Star Chart nodes to farm specific resources in efficient ways. In particular, Helene on Saturn for Orokin Cells, Assur on Uranus for Polymer Bundles and Plastids, Index on Neptune for Credits, Hydron on Sedna for Affinity. These may not be THE best for those resources, but you will likely always find someone on those nodes if you want to go Public, and those are the resources that you’ll always need, early or end game.