Dori’s “Practical” Contest

This contest is all about making goofy builds and having fun. Fully functional meta builds may overlap but it’s not likely. It is a test of your ability to play as well as a demonstration of theory crafting and creative thinking. Entries can be submitted from Sunday, 17 March 2019 to Saturday 23 March 2019.

While we are looking for unique, you don’t necessarily need a “Unique” mod — such as Kinetic Ricochet for the Tetra — but looking at those mods might be a good place to gather inspiration. Beyond the uniqueness, the fun, and the humor, your build has to work.

Has to work? Well Mr. Grindframe, what does it have to work on?

Generally when I test I travel to Titan, the Survival node on Saturn. You might travel somewhere else. Maybe you will travel deep in the Void. Maybe you will run around the forests on Earth. It does not matter where you go, just that the location you pick best shows how your build functions.

The Contest Categories

You are only able to sign up for ONE of these categories.

JOKERS: The gun must do something that is most definitely not what it should do. It doesn’t need to be amazing per se as a build, just needs to either be weird or be unique. A great example would be my 420 Soma, which has a fire rate of exactly 4.20. It’s goofy and honestly does no damage but it functions well as comedic relief.

BUILDERS: You have a much different challenge in your court. You are trying to make a build that is weirdly functional…it shouldn’t work but for some reason it does.  Does it need to be goofy? Nope! But there most definitely will be bonus points if we get a good laugh. An example of a practical build is my Panthera which has Combustion Beam on it. It takes the one disc and melts an entire room.

Wow thats a cool idea! How do I prove what I did Mr. Grindframe ?

Well I’m glad you asked! You must do two things. First up is a screenshot of your mod loadout (No, I swear your warlord isn’t trying to collect more meme builds!). Second on the list is a demonstration with you and either myself or Stars in your party. Again, this will be in a mission of your choice. We know that some builds only work under certain conditions in a few specific zones and we want to see it at its peak performance. For builders, I recommend the highest level you can make it work at. You don’t need to push the builds limits, this is just to see the results and judge how weird or goofy it is.


First Place: The First place winner of each respective category will get one of two peculiar mods:

Second Place: The Second place winner of each respective category will receive a random veiled riven.

Runner Ups: We love having people participate and we love giving away fabulously fun items. Those who participate, even if they don’t place in 1st or 2nd, will still win a unique mod from either the Index or Rathuum.