Are You Ready for MK1 Madness?

Our next Tenno Task Tuesday is scheduled for 12 March 2019. As this challenge requires some preparation, we are announcing our newest task a week early. This time, Tenno will adventure to Ani in the Void and see how long they can survive. But there is a catch…

Endurance survival is one thing, but for this task, you will only be allowed to use MK1 weapons. And no Warframe abilities. Ahhh these tasks are never as simple as they seem. All the MK1 weapons can be bought from the market for 15,000 credits and you will most likely want to level them, which is why we are announcing this task early.

Beyond our MK1 and no abilities restrictions, it is also worth noting there will be two classes to compete in: Spartan and Elite. In the Spartan class, you will not be allowed to forma or potato your weapons, and rivens are banned. In the Elite class, players will be allowed to potato, forma, and riven their weapons to their hearts content. Only the top 3 Tenno in each class will earn a prestigious spot upon our leaderboards.

Good Luck Tenno and may the strongest survive.