Of Eidolons & Spider Moms

We are gearing up to have regularly scheduled hunting sessions! After much deliberation, we are looking at that prime Friday night time slot for our dedicated hunting night.

To streamline the process of squading up for Eidolons, we have created a signup form. We will update the form the day before a hunt so be sure to watch the event announcements on the server and toss your name and frames into the fray.

We are looking into a dedicated farming night as well, with a heavy focus on getting some of our newest Tenno geared up to hunt. Our Eidolon Boot Camp guide is currently a work in progress but we are working hard to make a comprehensive beginners guide to getting you hunting quickly. With the recent Nightwave changes, we will be revisiting some of our mod recommendations.

Finally, we cannot forget the latest addition to our hunting menu, the creepy yet endearing Spider Mom. We will be looking into queuing some of her hunts as well as hunting for floofs in between hunting the spooky plains boys. Her fight is one we are still learning as well but we eagerly await the chance to learn and grow with you our fellow community members.